Tristan Bartolini, a queer individual, has forever felt like an outsider in human society, akin to an alien from another world. This sensation of displacement has persisted throughout his life in a world dominated by heteronormative norms. To connect with his true self, he turned to queer culture, using this project to transform oppression into communal celebration. Channeling Ancestors is an immersive installation, displaying alien artifacts within a dramatic setting. Modeled after a Space Opera scene, it plays with science fiction and occult imagery, intertwining them with queer references.
Channeling ancestors act I
Master Diploma project (the installation)
HEAD - Genève, 2023.

Within this fictional realm, monumental extraterrestrial artifacts come to life through projections, showcasing interactions with the audience, speaking in their unique languages, and recounting their society’s story. This blend of physical and digital realms adds a metaphysical of a forgotten world adrift in space and time.
A gate, mirror, and monolith face each other dramatically, remnants of a vanished civilization that evoke a ritualistic ambiance. Months of artistic exploration, utilizing plaster molds, costumes, performance, video editing, and photomontage, culminated in this installation.
Tristan’s own body served as the foundation fo his creative language, evolving between tangible and digital forms.