This installation stems from an experimental exercise involving the manipulation of materials and audiovisual media within the realm of the Master's program in Space Communication. By combining the terms "market stall" and "asteroid" assigned for this exercise, Tristan presents an artwork in which precious minerals from an asteroid are juxtaposed with photo and video montages reminiscent of space exploration—a quest to colonize distant celestial bodies within the solar system, such as the asteroid Psyche.

Souvenirs from Psyché
Multi-média installation
HEAD Genève, 2023.
Photo credits : © Thomas Cerato

Through this creation, Tristan offers a critical examination of the competitive race among entities engaged in space exploration, while also presenting a speculative interpretation of this capitalist pursuit of outer space, framing it as a form of conquest. The artwork stages an exploration that delves into the falsity of objects and the manipulation of images, responding ironically to these phenomena. Employing visual and material elements, the installation provides a perspective on the challenges surrounding the contemporary space race and the narratives that accompany it.