Tristan's bachelor's project harnessed his passion for type design to champion a significant cause: advancing inclusive language. However, his dedication went beyond the confines of text; he aimed to spotlight social issues intertwined with language use. He confronted the challenge of French's binary structure, which lacks a means to express beyond gender binaries. With a resolute desire to challenge conventions, he embarked on a meticulous deconstruction of words and letters. He explored tactics, notably introducing neologisms like "iel," blending "il" and "elle." These neologisms served as tools to dismantle ingrained norms. Tristan translated these notions into visuals, reshaping letters into catalysts for change.
Bachelor diploma project
HEAD - Genève 2020.
Prix Art et Humanité de la Croix Rouge 2020.

Striving to establish a systematic writing approach adaptable to diverse typefaces, Tristan immersed himself in a font he found exceptionally effective (Lineto's Akkurat). This speculative project, born within an academic context, will evolve across different manifestations within various open-source typefaces. 
His objective was twofold: to draw inspiration from established methodologies and visually interpret them. His aim encompassed facilitating more inclusive written communication and underscoring the confines of inclusivity within the French language. Each brushstroke of a character propelled progress towards rebuilding a more inclusive society, eroding language-rooted barriers across generations.