This video, crafted within the framework of the Channeling Ancestors project, presents an evocation of a past existence upon a distant celestial body. Rooted in the premise that Tristan, himself queer and thus estranged within human society, hails from an alternate realm where the terrestrial norms of gender held no sway, the film delves into an immersive exploration of this otherworldly, queer society. It artfully showcases how this civilization employs rituals and the development of a language rooted in an unfettered conception of their sexualities, genders, and identities.

Echoes of a previous life           
Master Diploma Project (the movie)
HEAD - Genève, 2023.


Through a visual storytelling, the video unveils a society where Tristan's origins—untouched by Earthly gender norms—unfold in rich tapestries. These tapestries, woven from the threads of rituals and a newly crafted language, paint a profound picture of liberation from societal constraints. The film is not merely a depiction, but a conduit, inviting viewers to witness a mesmerizing testament to the human capacity for reimagination and self-expression across the cosmos.